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About Us

RetailPay was founded with the vision to be the global leader in the enrichment of trade through technology. We provide a fully transactional and trustworthy digital solution to enable players in the retail ecosystem trade goods and services in a transparent manner

Our purpose is singular— to enable players in the retail ecosystem to trade goods and services efficiently. We have since worked with a network of partners to turn this vision into a reality

Our vision

To be the global leader in fostering trade through technology

We create transparency and facilitate trust in the retail ecosystem

We create transparency and facilitate trust in the retail ecosystem

Our Story

RetailPay was conceived as part of a bigger dream to address some of the inherent challenges faced by African economies. Riding on the experience of industry experts, we crafted a product that serves all levels of the retail supply chain

We are happy to have played a role in transforming how our growing network of over 200 retailers run their businesses. We’ve also helped link various players in the retail ecosystems among them retailers, suppliers, insurers and many more in our ever-growing network

Our mission

Bringing value back to everyone

Our Drive

Our Drive

Fostering trust in the retail supply chain ecosystem

We exist in a world where technology is transforming commerce and we believe that through technology, trade can be streamlined to bring efficiency, transparency and foster trust in emerging markets. The digitalisation of trade is at the core of what we are about

Meet our team

  • Lilian Obetto
    Lilian Obetto
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Evid Sibi
    Evid Sibi
    Chief of Product
  • Debra Ouma
    Debra Ouma
    Chief Operations Officer
  • Florence Gitonga
    Florence Gitonga
    Training & Change Management Lead
  • Tom Mulwa
    Tom Mulwa
    Virtual Dispatch Manager
  • Billy Akehege
    Billy Akehege
    Business Analyst
  • John Nakhulo
    John Nakhulo
    Business Systems Analyst
  • Thomas Adera
    Thomas Adera
    Account Manager
  • Joyce Adeka
    Joyce Adeka
    Account Manager
  • Lydia Simiyu
    Lydia Simiyu
    Account Manager

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