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How to Drive Traffic to Your Retail Store

Wed, 19 Oct, 2022

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Before starting a business, most people put measures in place to ensure they attract customers and clients to their stores. The initiatives might be attracting “just enough” customers to the shop. However, are they really enough?

There are many things you can do to drive traffic to your store. More traffic means more opportunities for sales and customer engagement, which leads to more sales. Here are six ways you can attract more customers:

1. Keep your shopfront well-maintained

Your shop’s appearance can determine whether or not a customer walks into your store. A clean shop can do wonders for your business. Simple things like sweeping your store and cleaning your windows can go a long way in helping attract customers. Nobody wants to buy products in an untidy and disorganized store, especially foodstuff.

2. Use signs and posters for advertising

Signs and posters will surely attract the attention of people walking by, especially in a place with a string of retail stores. The posters could be about new products, promotions, or discounts placed on display windows or by the door. Don’t forget to use catchy phrases and attractive colours.

3. Provide good customer service

You can have the most presentable shop and the most enticing offers. Still, it will be hard to attract and retain customers if you provide poor customer service. Providing excellent customer service is one of the surest ways to attract and retain customers.

4. Have social media presence

In this modern age, many people spend a lot of time on social media. To get more customers for your products, choose a social media platform suitable for you and start advertising your business. You can set up a catalog to show the products you sell and allow customers to browse and buy.

5. Offer incentives

Getting shop traffic is not only about attracting new customers but also retaining your existing ones. You can do this by offering them incentives like discounts on products, goods on credit, or after-sale service depending on the products you sell. Doing deliveries is another service that will help reach more people since your products are not limited to walk-in customers. Achieving customer loyalty is core to increasing shop traffic.

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