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How RetailPay Contact Centre has Improved Customer Experience

Tue, 26 Oct, 2021

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A Contact Centre is a centralised office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of enquiries from current and potential customers through calling or messaging. It is a convenient way for customers to get in touch through calling, SMS, WhatsApp, e-mails, social media chats and others. Interestingly, studies show that even with other available channels of inquiry such as live chats and social media, 90% of people still prefer to have the option to speak to a customer service agent. A telephone conversation also enables customer service representatives to cater to the customers who aren’t tech-savvy or find it hard to navigate other platforms.

At RetailPay, we’ve always had direct calling as an option and since our client-base continues to grow, it was important to take the next step and launch our very own Contact Centre to cater for all-round needs. Other than offering personalised solutions and immediate service, the Contact Centre enables us to offer improved customer experience including:

  • Timely and effective 1st line support.
  • Extended telephone service hours.
  • Centralized support so that all departments have visibility on data.
  • More accurate and forthcoming feedback as there are no gatekeepers.
  • Highlighting of areas of improvement.
  • Controls to ensure quality of service.
  • Address frequently reported issues.
  • Visibility of all issues handled.

We always take into consideration that each customer may have unique needs, therefore our staff is well trained to take care of them. A customer service agent’s typical day requires them to handle several responsibilities. They are well conversant with the products and services at hand and are trained on how to handle the clients and their various issues.

Our new Contact Centre is both outbound and inbound, that is, other than providing support through responding to calls and messages, we also occasionally reach out to our clients to share information such as service offers – which ensures stronger relationships with customers and creates opportunities to upsell and cross-sell.

Benefits of the Contact Centre to our Clients

Clients call for different reasons; from a system issue to late product delivery or for guidance on a particular process. Having a Contact Centre helps to address these and much more.

1. Focus on Customer Service

We ensure to provide our customers with support immediately they need it, so that they can get on with their business without any distractions. We understand that timely resolving of issues also builds trust between us and the clients.

2. Personalised Solutions

Many clients who call in may have unique issues which would need further investigations, for example, they would need to share their screens with a technical person. With the quick one-on-one, we are able to resolve such issues within the shortest time possible.

3. Generation of Immediate Response

The client is assured of an immediate response especially for urgent matters, whether through calls or live chats. The Contact Centre guarantees instant solutions and a seamless customer experience.

4. Customer Satisfaction

After ensuring that the customer's needs are met, the one-on-one enables more enquiries afterwards; for example, any unresolved issues could be addressed and dealt with. It also gives time for the agent to share any new products that would be of interest or beneficial to the customer.

5. Result-oriented Features

Automated features such as the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allows the caller to easily access information and in some cases, they may not need to speak to a customer service agent.

With our Contact Centre and Staff well equipped, we look forward to serving our customers better!

The Contact Centre details: Call: 020 7903025 WhatsApp: 0710 425101